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There has never been a more important time to make sure you and your family’s hard-earned security is protected. Let us give you the confidence that your assets are fully protected.

Protecting Your Future, Today

Denis Kleinfeld specializes in creating legal solutions to today’s problems or planning for the risks to your future security from the yet unknown, unexpected, or unanticipated risks that are so much a part of life today.

Because of his knowledge and experience, he can establish a roadmap to guide you through life’s complexities. Having a solid legal foundation enables your business, investments, and you to successfully overcome challenges, Denis well-known abilities.

Asset Protection




Meet Denis: Internationally Recognized Expert in Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation

Denis Kleinfeld is highly regarded as a lawyer, teacher and author. His private legal practice, Kleinfeld Legal Advisors is located in North Miami Beach, Florida.

His practice focuses on strategic planning of domestic and international tax, legal, financial, matters involving wealth and risk management for private clients and private businesses. He is an Adjunct Professor at the LLM Wealth and Risk Management Program, Texas A&M School of Law.

Denis is a regular contributor to Newsmax Money and published hundreds of articles for professional journals, magazines and other publications. He is an author or contributing author of 5 books on United States and International Wealth Strategies. He established the very first conference on Asset Protection for the Florida Bar.

Rest Easy, Your Asset Protection and Liability Shields are in Trusted Hands

Professionals often encounter greater legal risks in their work, making effective risk management crucial. Our integrated methods in providing legal services ensure that these challenges are met allowing you to focus on success through your cycles of life.


The Lifeboat Trust ®

Defend The Castle

Slay The Dragons


Professionals often encounter greater legal risks in their work, making effective risk management crucial. Our specialized legal services ensure that current and future challenges are knowledgably and effectively met by defensive and offensive legal tactical and structures.


Your idea of using both domestic trusts and LLCs and an offshore trust with a hybrid company worked like magic in enabling us to bring the hostile claims and lawsuits to a relatively peaceful agreed upon settlement

Charles J.


My reliance on your knowledge and experience in reorganizing my messy business affairs and family maters was well placed. Our future looks to be a lot brighter now.

John L.


Thank you for the excellent planning and implementation of an integrated asset protection/estate plan. You anticipated problems that could arise, and I was able to avoid them or easily resolve them. I have been delighted to refer other investment friends to you.

Carloine M.


We greatly appreciated your legal abilities in so many areas to put together a comprehensive plan for all the parts of our family wealth. It was amazing to see you conceive the strategy to balance so many diverse interests. By reducing our exposure to financial liabilities, and establishing an orderly succession plan, we are confident our legacy will be successful.

Michael L.


The family is happy that you were able to reorganize our dad’s business and investment holdings and tidy up loose ends saved a lot in taxes and the estate managed to avoid otherwise decidedly uncomfortable disagreements among my two brothers.

Ruth P.

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