Asset Protection

Asset Protection is about safeguarding your expectations for a successful financial and personal future.

Throughout your life cycles you are always at risk from legal, economic, investment, tax related and personal risks.

Your ability to enjoy a fulfilling life as the years go by requires using Asset Protection professionals. Their knowledge, interdisciplinary expertise and experience will help you plan for a successful life and legacy.

What is Asset Protection

Asset Protection is a multifaceted strategy that extends beyond mere asset protection. While safeguarding assets from legal threats is critical, asset protection also encompasses broader financial management aspects. It involves prudent investment strategies to ensure assets not only remain secure but also grow and adapt to changing economic climates.

Over your life you have managed to accumulate assets, which can provide you with a sense of financial security and personal safety. But the events of life bring with them dangers that are never static. Preserving wealth requires proactive planning by creating a resilient financial structure that withstands volatility, ensuring long-term security and prosperity for individuals, families, and businesses. It’s a comprehensive approach to maintaining and enhancing wealth over time.

Why You need Asset Protection

Planning starts with the basic understanding that there are four major areas at risk to your wealth and yourself. Each of which encompases varous sub-levels of exposure, perils and hazards. We view these four as:


  • Asset Protection: Shields your wealth from legal vulnerabilities and claims, safeguarding your hard-earned assets. This includes strategies to mitigate risks associated with lawsuits, creditors, and other financial threats.
  • Economic Stability: Ensures your wealth is resilient against market fluctuations and economic downturns. By diversifying investments and assets, your financial portfolio can better withstand economic uncertainties.
  • Tax Efficiency: Optimizes your financial holdings to reduce tax liabilities and maximize returns. Strategic tax planning can significantly impact your wealth’s growth and preservation over time.
  • Legacy Planning: Secures your financial future and that of your family, ensuring your wealth is preserved and passed on effectively. Proper planning helps in the smooth transition of your assets to the next generation while minimizing potential conflicts and legal hurdles.

Why work with Denis

Denis Kleinfeld is highly regarded as a lawyer, teacher and author. His private legal practice, Kleinfeld Law is located in North Miami Beach Florida. He is an Adjunct Professor at the LLM Wealth and Risk Management Program, Texas A&M School of Law. His practice focuses on strategic planning of domestic and international tax, legal, financial, matters involving wealth and risk management for private clients and private businesses.

Denis has been a featured columnist on Asset Protection for The Wall Street Journal, Newsmax, The Economist, and Forbes. He is also the author of 5 books on Wealth Strategies and is regarded as the creator of the Lifeboat Trust.

Denis has published hundreds of articles in numerous national and international publications, professional journals and reviews. He is also a contributing author of 5 books.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Asset Protection

What exactly is asset protection?

Asset protection is the process of protecting and strategically managing your assets to ensure their stability and growth over time. It involves legal, financial, and tax strategies tailored to maintain and enhance your wealth, considering both current needs and future goals.

Why is asset protection a key component of wealth preservation?

Asset protection is essential in safeguarding your wealth from various threats like lawsuits, bankruptcy, creditors, and even unforeseen personal events. It forms a defensive barrier, ensuring your assets remain intact against potential legal and financial challenges.

How does asset protection differ from wealth accumulation?

While wealth accumulation is about growing your financial resources, asset protection focuses on keeping those resources safe and productive. It involves strategies that manage risks, optimize taxes, and ensure that your accumulated wealth continues to serve your long-term objectives.

Can asset protection strategies improve tax efficiency?

Absolutely. asset protection includes tax planning techniques designed to reduce your tax burden legally and effectively. This not only preserves more of your wealth but also aligns with your overall financial planning and growth objectives.

In what ways does asset protection contribute to legacy planning?

Asset protection is integral to legacy planning as it ensures that your wealth is not only protected but also structured in a way that facilitates smooth and efficient transfer to future generations. It involves considering estate taxes, inheritance laws, and creating plans that reflect your wishes for your financial legacy.