October 3, 2016

Time to Dump Media Stocks?

Not too long ago when my bike group went for our Sunday brunch at the local deli most people had a newspaper with them. For some it was nearly impossible to have their coffee in the morning without reading the news. But that has all changed. Now, as I looked around a rather large dining room there was not a single newspaper to be found. Up on the wall are two flat screen TVs with […]
August 22, 2016

Are the Financial Television News Shows Trustworthy?

I was watching some financial shows on television this week to see if there may be some actual news that would be accurate and meaningful. What I realized is that that the moderators who mediate the panel shows or interview a single guest are play acting that they know something. Watching someone reading a teleprompter to report the financial news, does import to me that they are anything more than a well-spoken actor. I understand […]