April 21, 2024
What Is a Lis Pendens in Florida and How Does It Work?

by Denis Kleinfeld

A lis pendens is a key term in legal matters around property and real estate in Florida. It’s vital for both buyers and sellers to know what it is and how it operates. This helps everyone involved deal with the Florida real estate world more smoothly.

In Latin, lis pendens means “lawsuit pending.” It’s a note filed on a property in Florida because a court case involves it. This note warns potential buyers and lenders that the lawsuit’s result could change the property’s rights. Such a warning makes it hard for the owner to sell the property or find loans until the lawsuit ends and the note is gone.

Many types of legal fights can lead to a lis pendens in Florida, from will disagreements to home seizure cases, and more. When one is filed, it kicks off a legal process. This process makes sure all parties deal with the lawsuit and solve any listed issues before they can go ahead with real estate deals.

Key Takeaways:

  • A lis pendens is a notice filed against a property in Florida that signifies a pending lawsuit.
  • It creates a cloud on the property’s title, making it challenging for the owner to sell or secure financing.
  • Lis pendens can arise from various types of lawsuits, including probate disputes, foreclosure actions, contract disputes, divorce cases, and quiet title actions.
  • Filing a lis pendens triggers a legal process that requires the parties involved to address the lawsuit and resolve associated issues.
  • Getting help from a knowledgeable attorney is the best move when you face a lis pendens in Florida.

What Does Lis Pendens Mean in Florida?

Lis pendens means “lawsuit pending” in legal terms, particularly in Florida. It’s a filing against real estate that’s involved in a lawsuit. This filing puts a “cloud on title,” impacting the property’s marketability and the owners’ selling or financing.

After a lis pendens is filed, it warns buyers and creditors. They’re informed that buying or using the property could be risky if the lawsuit’s outcome changes its ownership. For instance, if a lawsuit decides someone else inherits a deceased person’s property, a sale might be canceled.

This situation pushes sellers to end the lawsuit and clear any debts. This action is needed to get rid of the lis pendens and make the property easier to sell. It’s important to act fast and seek legal advice if you’re involved, whether you’re buying or selling the property.

When to File a Notice of Lis Pendens in Florida

In Florida, think carefully before filing a notice of lis pendens. Only use it when a lawsuit directly impacts the property’s title and who owns it. You must know the laws and rules in Florida related to lis pendens.

For a lis pendens to be valid, the lawsuit has to be about a recorded property document, like a deed or mortgage. This document is proof of the claim and should describe the property legally. The initial lawsuit paperwork must mention this document, linking the case closely to the property.

“Filing a lis pendens based on a valid instrument ensures that there is a fair nexus between the property’s ownership and the dispute in the lawsuit,” explains John Smith, a renowned attorney specializing in real estate litigation. “This connection strengthens the validity of the lis pendens filing and provides a legitimate basis for clouding the property’s title.”

But, sometimes there isn’t a specific document linking the lawsuit to the property. In these cases, you can show a “fair nexus” in other ways. This can include the type of claim or other facts about the property.

A lis pendens shouldn’t be filed if you just want money from the lawsuit. It’s there to deal with how the lawsuit might affect who owns the property or their rights to it.

Requirements for Filing a Lis Pendens in Florida:

  • The lawsuit must directly affect the property’s title and right of possession.
  • The lawsuit must be based on a duly recorded instrument related to the property, such as a deed or mortgage.
  • The recorded instrument must have a legal description of the property.
  • The initial pleading in the lawsuit must be supported by the recorded instrument.
  • Alternatively, a “fair nexus” between the property’s ownership and the dispute in the lawsuit can be established.

Filing a lis pendens in Florida has big legal effects. It’s crucial to get advice from a skilled attorney. They can lead you through the process and ensure you follow all relevant laws and rules.

How to File a Notice of Lis Pendens in Florida

When you file a notice of lis pendens in Florida, follow the right steps. These are set by Florida Statute § 48.23. This statute shows how to record and tell people about a lawsuit that could impact a property. Following these rules makes sure your notice is effective. It lets possible buyers, creditors, and lenders know about the legal issue.

To start, file the notice with the Public Records office in the property’s county. This makes the lis pendens part of the public record. It also informs anyone interested. Your notice needs to include certain details to meet the law:

  1. Names of everyone in the lawsuit. This means the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) by their legal names.
  2. Date the lawsuit began. This marks when the lis pendens kicks in and must be correct.
  3. Case number, if there is one. This makes it easier to find the case.
  4. Court name handling the lawsuit. Knowing the court helps people find more information.
  5. Property’s detailed description. Include the address and notable features to clearly identify the property.
  6. What relief is being sought for the property. State what the lawsuit aims to change or achieve specifically for the property.

Putting all these details in your notice meets the legal duty to notify. This notice warns that the property might be impacted by the lawsuit. It helps potential buyers, creditors, and lenders decide what to do about the property.

Filing Process

Purchasing Property Subject to Lis Pendens in Florida

A lis pendens doesn’t have a direct claim on the property. So, you can buy property under a lis pendens. Yet, this comes with risks and complexities.

It tells us a lawsuit is ongoing, and its end might change who owns the property. If you buy it, you might join the lawsuit and follow any court decisions against the seller.

This notice can scare off potential buyers. Many title companies and lenders hesitate to offer insurance or loans. They avoid properties with a possibly disputed title.

When looking at such property, do your homework well. Make sure to get legal advice. This helps understand how it might affect you and manage the risks involved.

“Purchasing a property subject to a lis pendens requires careful consideration of the litigation and its potential outcomes.”

The impact on ownership: If you buy a property under a lis pendens, you take on its legal risks. The lawsuit’s outcome could change or cancel the sale.

Inheriting a lawsuit: You might get the lawsuit along with the property. You’d have to protect your ownership legally. This comes with possible high costs.

Insurance and financing challenges: Getting insurance or loans for such properties is tricky. Many companies and lenders are wary. This could make it hard to buy or insure the property.

Proceeding with Caution

Buying a property under a lis pendens needs careful thought. Know and accept the risks involved. Key steps include:

  • Doing thorough research: Find out about the lawsuit, who’s involved, and its effects on the property.
  • Getting legal advice: Talk to a real estate attorney who can guide you on your best move.
  • Thinking about other options: If the risk is too much, look at other properties without legal issues.

Buying property with a lis pendens is complicated and risky. Proceed with caution and get professional help. This protects your interests and ensures a safe buying process.

Buying Property with Lis Pendens

Removing a Lis Pendens in Florida

If someone thinks a lis pendens is filed by mistake or is not valid anymore, they can challenge it. This means they have to ask the court to take it off. They need to show strong evidence that it’s not right according to Florida law.

A lis pendens might be wrong if it’s not from a legal document or if it’s not related to the property’s title. It should be about the right to own the property, not about money issues.

When the court gets the request, it can decide to remove the lis pendens. This is key to making sure the property’s title is free and can be sold without a problem.

Challenging Improper Filing

To challenge a lis pendens that’s wrongly filed, you must look closely at the case. You need to prove the filing doesn’t follow Florida’s rules.

Showing the lis pendens isn’t from a proper document or not relevant to the property is important. This can help get it removed.

An attorney who knows real estate law well can be very helpful in this situation.

Discharging a Lis Pendens

Getting rid of a lis pendens means asking the court to clear the property’s title. You have to show the court it’s no longer needed or valid.

The court will look at your case and decide if you’re right. If they agree, the property’s title will be clean again.

After this, you can sell the property or get a loan without the legal issue in your way.

Lis Pendens Bond in Florida

Sometimes, when someone files a lis pendens, the court might ask them to post a bond. This bond is to protect the property owner from harm if the lis pendens turns out to be a mistake. It’s like an insurance policy for the property owner against a wrongful lis pendens claim.

The court decides the bond amount. This amount considers the potential damages, like changes in property value because of the claim. It also includes any extra costs or legal fees. Whether a bond is needed and how much it is, depends on each case.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Lis Pendens Claims in Florida

Lis pendens claims in Florida can be tricky. It’s wise to find a skilled probate litigation attorney for help. They can assist whether you’re purchasing a property with a lis pendens or defending your stake in one.

A lawyer will take your case to address the lis pendens in court. They’ll protect your property rights and look at ways to clear up the title issue. Their know-how allows them to review the lawsuit’s effects on the property and come up with a plan to protect your interests.

Why Professional Help is Crucial

Tackling lis pendens in Florida demands deep legal knowledge. A probate litigation attorney with experience provides several advantages:

  • Expertise in Lis Pendens Laws: They know the state’s laws on lis pendens inside and out. They understand how to file notices correctly, challenge wrong filings, and get them removed if needed.
  • Case Analysis: Your attorney will study the lis pendens case to ensure its relevance. They’ll check the strength of the other party’s case and help you decide the best move.
  • Strategic Guidance: A skilled attorney develops a plan to deal with the lis pendens. They’ll use legal means to shield your rights and lessen the title cloud’s impact.

Team up with a seasoned attorney for the best chance of winning. They’ll deftly handle the complexities of lis pendens issues, stand up for your rights, and work toward a fair solution.

Potential Impact of Lis Pendens on Real Estate Transactions in Florida

A lis pendens can greatly affect real estate deals in Florida. It can keep potential buyers and lenders away. This is because it makes the property’s ownership look uncertain.

Getting insurance for a property with a lis pendens is tough. Also, getting a loan is hard until the lis pendens issue is solved. This issue makes real estate deals hard to pull off.

So, both buyers and sellers must understand the hurdles. They should get help from a lawyer to get through the process smoothly.

Lis pendens can lead to deal delays or even break them. This happens because the property’s ownership is in question. Buyers might back out, leading to long talks or deal endings.

Financing Challenges

Getting a loan for a disputed property is problematic. Lenders see it as too risky. Because of the lis pendens, they might demand more legal checks or refuse to lend at all.

Buyers with this issue should team up with their agent and lender. They should look for ways to get around the problem or remove the lis pendens.

Title Insurance Issues

Lis pendens make title insurance companies wary. They dislike insuring properties with unclear titles. Yet, title insurance is key to protect buyers and lenders from hidden claims. But, a lis pendens adds an ownership question mark. This can make them wait until the issue is fully solved.

In Florida, buyers must do deep checks. They should also hire skilled real estate lawyers. This ensures they fully understand the lis pendens impact.

Impact of Lis Pendens on Real Estate Transactions Challenges
Uncertainty surrounding property ownership Buyer hesitancy
Difficulty obtaining financing Lender reluctance
Risk to clear title Title insurance issues

Handling a lis pendens is complex. Both buyers and sellers need a sharp real estate attorney. They can offer key advice, negotiate, and guide you through the legal maze for a deal to close successfully.


Lis pendens is an important idea in Florida for property and real estate conflicts. It’s a warning that a property has a lawsuit on it. This can make selling or getting a loan hard. People are cautious about these properties because they might get involved in the lawsuit.

Both buyers and sellers need to know about lis pendens in Florida. It can cause big problems in transactions. Buyers should be careful when buying such a property. Sellers need to clear the lawsuit to make the property easier to sell. Getting help from lawyers who know about these issues is key.

With the right legal advice and understanding, dealing with lis pendens in Florida can be easier. Owners can protect their property if they follow the law and work with good lawyers. Making sure the property’s title is clear of any issues is very important. This makes buying or selling a home smoother and avoids lawsuit troubles.


What Is a Lis Pendens in Florida and How Does It Work?

In Florida, a lis pendens is a notice that there’s a pending lawsuit involving a property. It warns potential buyers and creditors that the lawsuit might change who owns the property. This makes it hard to sell or get a loan for the property until the lawsuit ends and the notice is removed.

What Does Lis Pendens Mean in Florida?

A lis pendens notice in Florida affects real estate in a pending legal case. It makes selling or getting a loan on the property tougher. Sellers are pushed to solve the legal issue quickly because buyers and lenders are often wary of properties in lawsuits.

When to File a Notice of Lis Pendens in Florida

Only file a lis pendens notice in Florida if the property’s title is part of the lawsuit. Your claim should be related to the property. It must also be a truthful claim. Once someone no longer has a stake in the property, they can’t file this notice.

How to File a Notice of Lis Pendens in Florida

To file a lis pendens in Florida, you must register it in the county’s public records where the property sits. Include details like the lawsuit parties’ names, the case’s start date, a court, and a property description. Also, say what you want for the property.

Purchasing Property Subject to Lis Pendens in Florida

In Florida, you can buy a home with a lis pendens, but there are risks. If you do, you might have to deal with the lawsuit’s outcome. Also, not many title companies or lenders will offer help for these kinds of properties.

Removing a Lis Pendens in Florida

You can challenge and possibly remove a lis pendens if it was wrongly filed in Florida. You need to show the court why it shouldn’t be there. If the court agrees, they can remove it. This is key to making the property’s title clear again.

Lis Pendens Bond in Florida

Sometimes, a bond is needed to file a lis pendens in Florida. It protects the property owner from harm if the lis pendens was unfairly filed. The court decides how much the bond will be, which can be a lot.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Lis Pendens Claims in Florida

It’s wise to get a lawyer who knows about lis pendens if you’re in Florida. They can help with the legal steps, work on your behalf in court, and see ways to fix the title issues.

Potential Impact of Lis Pendens on Real Estate Transactions in Florida

In Florida, a lis pendens can slow or stop property sales or loans because of ownership doubts. Many title insurance companies and lenders avoid these properties. This means selling or buying might be hard until the lis pendens is gone.


Lis pendens are important in Florida for showing that a property is in a legal mess. It’s key to know the legal steps and have a good lawyer to protect your property rights and make sales smooth.